About Us

Fit4sale established in 1999 and has become one of the Leading Fitness Equipment Company’s worldwide. Our 20+ years of success in building the fitness equipment business has allowed us to focus on other aspects of the fitness industry such as the need to consult with our clients on a one on one basis. This has allowed Fit4sale to identify the market demands of other services and products, such as quality flooring and installation. Fit4Sale recently simplified its operations giving us a different perspective and allowing us to focus our attention on the specific needs of each client and their unique requirements that will set them aside from their competitor.

Our start of Rubber and Turf Flooring.com was formed for this very reason, we realized the need for quality and custom flooring for both indoor and outdoor applications.  From Gyms of all sizes to outdoor recreational centers, playgrounds and homes,  hockey arenas and football fields.  We can provide a high standard of quality product in the same way we do for our clients with Fit4sale. Fit4Sale has been specializing in new & remanufactured fitness equipment in all markets to include retail, vertical and commercial markets for over 20 years and flooring is just another piece of the puzzle that we can offer our clients to make it that “One Stop Shop” experience.

The President and CEO Nick Pugh has been in the fitness equipment industry for over 22 years. Together with his Brother Dale, they are committed to making Rubber and Turf Flooring as one of the most well-respected companies in the Industry for its sound business management, commitment to customer support and quality of workmanship. One of our primary goals with Rubber and Turf Flooring is to establish relationships with our customers and partners that allow us to help contribute our knowledge and expertise to achieve a greater success.

 Our commitment to our customers and partners extends much further than just flooring but also in the fitness equipment sales and consulting…we approach every customer on a consultative basis that allows for a much greater experience and result. Rubber and Turf Flooring understands all the idiosyncrasies and facets of running and managing health clubs and sports facilities as we have previously owned, operated or partnered in health clubs in California, Mexico, and Ukraine.


Our philosophy guides our direction…Our growth will be directly attributed to the overall satisfaction of our customers and partners worldwide both ethically and responsibly.


History & Direction:

Both Rubber and Turf Flooring and Fit4sale understands the challenges and has positioned itself to provide “Added Value” to our customers and partners to enable them to orchestrate the design and implementation of proven Fitness Clubs and Sports & Recreational facilities strategies for maintaining the high quality of products and services.

What We Do:

Rubber and Turf Flooring is Quality! We provide the highest quality of Rubber and Turf flooring for indoor and outdoor facilities, support and education for the growth of our existing and new customer base. It is our goal to provide the very best to our ability in quality products and services that directly affect the success of our customers and partners.


Whether it’s your home Gym or backyard or a High School Football or Soccer field or maybe the LA Kings or Anaheim Ducks Ice Rink, it all starts with our technicians and Installation departments. We strive to search and provide a better quality and best pricing on products and services that will allow us to effectively and economically ensure optimum profitability and safety for our customers and partners

 Our Commitment:

It is the intention of Rubber and Turf Flooring to continue to stay as one of the leading Recreational Flooring companies. This can only be accomplished by our continued support of our customers and partners.

Our quality product, support, and inventory continue to be our priorities, but we will not fall short of our continuing education and learning from our customer needs and requirements in order to stay on the path of success and growth.